Our family has been making dem bellies full for over 30 years, from our takeaway in Manchester, to events like Notting Hill Carnival and Glastonbury.

How it all started

Buzzrock moved from Jamaica to Manchester in 1976, as a young man aged 27. Whilst living in Jamaica he had a host of jobs working in hotels, restaurants, and local street kitchens.

The origins of Buzzrocks began while hanging out with friends into the late hours, offering up his cooking talents after club nights in the Nile and Reno. It was at this time he got the nickname, which has stuck to this day, as friend would coin that his dumpling was kneaded tight like rocks!

In the early 1990’s initially operating from a small trailer at events such as Glastonbury, Womad and Notting Hill Carnival. This lead to Buzzrock opening restaurants and fast food shops in Prestwich, Moston and Hulme.

As a seasoned Rastafarian expect to find zero traces of pork and all meats are halal on the menu. With cultural offerings and never-ending playlists of reggae, soul music and good vibes.

Our products

Buzz has since bottled the magic with his incredible tasting spice blends, jerk marinades and sauces. So spice up your BBQ with out Jamaican recipes, or add our signature ingredients to any dish and cook with Caribbean flavours.

Real Ingredients

Always natural, never artificial. Made with good stuff like scotch bonnet peppers.


With entirely plant-based, vegan recipes, our marinades and spices are practically* green.

Low Sugars

Our Jerk marinade contains less than 7g of sugar and no fake sweeteners.


We stayed clear of gluten and cut out any over-processed products.

I love this stuff! I am vegetarian, so add it to roasted veegetables and curries. It is spicy and strong flavoured, which is to my taste.

I don’t like spice, so the mild marinade was perfect for me. Flavoursome and brings the right amount of heat.


166 Stretford Rd
Hulme, Manchester, M15 5TL
Mon-Sat 12:00pm-6:30pm


Telephone: 01612 277 770
Email: info@buzzrockcaribbean.co.uk