dem belly full

Lite Bites

To start, To pair, To share.

Beef patties  £1.70

Diced beef cooked in cornmeal pastry.

Chicken patties  £1.70

Diced chicken cooked in cornmeal pastry.

Lamb patties £1.70

Diced lamb cooked in cornmeal pastry.

Salt fish patties £1.70

Salt sh cooked in cornmeal pastry.


Half £0.90

Full £1.80


Small £0.60

Large £1.20


Tasty Jerk Flashes £3.20

4 Wings

Chicken split with Gravy £4.50


Squid 5 piece portion £2.50


Jamaican tasty fried or jerk chicken £4.00

Buzzrocks seasoned chicken deep fried or roasted.

Chips £2.20


Cooked mix veg

Small £0.60

Large £1.20


Fried dumplings £0.80


Chips and Buzzrocks Gravy £3.00


Seasoned Rice £4.00

Tasty Buzz Rock Spices Added Sweetcorn, Peas, Carrots Perfect Vegetarian Choice

Soul Soups

Lamb soup

Succulent pieces of spiced lamb and fresh vegetables.

Small £3.50

Large £4.50

Chicken soup

Succulent pieces of spiced chicken & fresh vegetables.

Small £3.50

Large £4.50


All meals served with rice and peas or boiled rice.

Caribbean curry goat £7.50

Succulent goat meat cut and seasoned with onions and fresh herbs.

Jamaican seasoned steak £7.50

A round of beef seasoned lightly with fresh garlic and
other spices.

Jamaican lamb chops £7.50

Succulent lamb pieces marinated in selection of spices.

Caribbean curry chicken £7.00

Chicken breast stewed in curry sauce with vegetables

Buzzrocks full roasted chicken £14.00

Tender roasted full chicken marinated in Buzzrocks own jerk sauce.

Buzzrocks jerk chicken special £7.00

Roasted jerk chicken with Buzzrocks own
jerk seasoning.

Brown stewed chicken £7.00

Seasoned chicken stewed in buzzrocks gravy.

Buzzrocks tasty fried chicken £7.00

Well seasoned deep fried chicken

Fish Dinners

Ackee salt fish

Ackee fruit with dry salted cod and an assortment of natural herbs.

Small £6.50

Large £8.50

Fish Dinner

Buzzrocks seasoned tasty sea bass choose it fried or steamed with rice and peas or white rice.

Small £6.00

Large £8.00

Ital Vital

Caribbean curried vegetables £6.50

Various vegetables marinated in Caribbean curry sauce.

sweets treats

Banana cake £2.70

Brownies £3.50

Classic chocolate brownies in an assortment of flavours – including kinder, galaxy, rolo and milky way.

Blondies £3.50

Chewy, rich, and flavorful blondies in an assortment of flavours – including galaxy, Jamie dodgers and biscoff.

Banana cake and custard £3.20


Retro School Dinner Cake £2.50

This retro sprinkle tray bake, made with a fluffy and classic sponge cake.


All can drinks £0.90

Pineapple punch £3.80


Guinness punch £3.80


Tropical / mango fruit bottle punch £2.20