Fast Food 2 Go

Beef patties 1.50
Diced beef cooked in cornmeal pastry
Chicken patties 1.50
Diced chicken cooked in cornmeal pastry
Lamb patties 1.50
Diced lamb cooked in cornmeal pastry
Salt fish patties 1.50
Salt fish cooked in cornmeal pastry
Plantain (Full) 1.50
Plantain (Half) 0.60
Pan fried 5 slices
Hot flashes 2.50
4 chicken wings seasoned in buzzrocks spices
Caribbean gravy (large) 2.00
Caribbean gravy (small) 1.00
Buzzrocks famous secret recipe gravy
Chicken split 3.50
Tasty dumpling with chicken
Jerk chicken wrap 3.00
Quick sandwich to go
Chicken nuggets And chips (kids) 2.50
Jamaican tasty fried chicken/ jerk chicken 3.30
Buzzrocks seasoned chicken deep fried or roasted

Chips 1.80
Cooked mix veg 1.00
Fried dumplings 0.60
Chips and Buzzrocks gravy 2.50
Mixed salad 1.60
Coleslaw 1.60

Fast Food 2 Go

Carribbean curried vegetables 5.80
Various vegetables marinated in Caribbean curry sauce   

Soup 2 Go

Lamb soup 3.50
Succulent pieces of spiced lamb and fresh vegetables

Chicken soup 3.50
Succulent pieces of spiced chicken  and fresh vegetables

Meat 2 Go

(all meals served with rice and peas or boiled rice)

Caribbean curry goat 6.50
Succulent goat meat cut and seasoned with onions and fresh herbs
Caribbean oxtail 6.50
Fresh succulent otxtail diced and cooked with hand rolled dumplings
Jamaican seasoned steak 6.50
A round of beef seasoned lightly with fresh garlic and other spices
Jamaican lamb chops 6.50
Succulent lamb pieces marinated in selection of spices.

Chicken 2 Go

Buzzrocks full roasted chicken 11.50
Tender roasted full chicken marinated in buzzrocks own jerk sauce
Buzzrocks jerk chicken special 6.00
Roasted jerk chicken with buzzrocks own jerk seasoning
Brown stewed chicken 6.00
Seasoned chicken stewed in buzzrocks gravy
Caribbean curry chicken 6.00
Chicken breast stewed in curry sauce with vegetables
Buzzrocks tasty fried chicken 6.00
Well seasoned deep fried chicken (Ian brown's favourite)

Fish 2 Go

Ackee salt fish 7.50
Ackee fruit with dry salted cod and an assortment of natural herbs
Fried sea bass/snapper 5.00 Meal: 7.50

Sweet 2 Go

Banana cake 2.50
Banana cake and custard 3.00

Drinks 2 Go

All can drinks 0.80
Pineapple punch 3.00
Guinness punch 3.00
Tropical fruit punch 3.00
Bottle drinks 3.00

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